ProLon Diet - Everything You Need to Know

Apr 09, 2022

What is the ProLon plan?

What I was most interested in about ProLon is that it is built on years of research from one of the more famous specialists in longevity across the nation, and the research studies conducted on the results are stunning. ProLon is also exactly in line with my lifestyle philosophies regarding food: ProLon is 100% vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO. It also doesn't contain any artificial ingredients.

Valter Longo Ph.D. founded ProLon. Director of the Longevity Institute at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. ProLon's research partners are highly respected organizations like The Mayo Clinic and the Texas-based MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Over a decade of research in both mammals and humans and animals, the doctor. Longo developed a patented eating regimen that activates the body's natural fasting process; however, it provides enough food to nourish cells and help maintain the body's metabolic balance. The "fasting with food" approach can also help reduce some of the risks associated with excessive fasting. This could be associated with very low blood sugar levels and blood pressure, decreased immune function, fatigue, and inefficiency.

The combination of a low photoprotein, calories restrictions, good fats, and carbohydrates with a low glycemic index in ProLon, helps regulate the body's nutrient-sensing pathways, which means that cells believe they're not getting enough nutrients. In the same way, the diet stimulates the anti-aging mechanisms that are responsible for cell repairs and regeneration.

What is the process?

It is the Fasting Mimicking Diet plan that provides five-day pre-packaged meals kits. The meals, snacks, and other food items are all whole food derived from plants. The meals are low in carbohydrates and protein yet are high in healthy fats, such as flax and olives. In five days, the dieters consume only what's included in the meal kit.

The high-fat, low-calorie food items that are low in carbohydrates allow your body to create energy using noncarbohydrate sources when glycogen stores have been diminished. This process is known as gluconeogenesis. Based on one research, the diet is intended to supply 33% to 44% of the calories of a normal intake.

The restriction of calories mimics the body's physiological response to traditional fasting practices like cell renewal, reduced inflammation, and weight loss. ProLon advises that anyone who is considering dieting seek the advice of a medical professional like an experienced doctor or registered dietitian before beginning this five-day diet. The ProLon five-day program isn't an all-in-one cleanse and should be maintained for one to six months to get the most effective outcomes.

How to tell if ProLon is functioning?

Fasting can trigger rapid changes in the body. Be sure to monitor your weight, blood pressure, and abdominal circumference before starting and following every diet cycle. The majority of people who try ProLon initially report that they have experienced a boost in energy and fewer food cravings once the program ended. The majority of new ProLon users also report that they are more conscious of their food choices and are better at controlling the amount they consume immediately following the fast. More than 60% of them claim to have experienced more energy and mental focus.

Benefits of the ProLon Diet

Research has shown that an intermittent fast (such as the 16/8 technique, in which eating is limited to an eight-hour time frame during the day and sixteen hours of intermittent fasting) can help patients suffering from type 2 diabetes increase their blood sugar levels and shed weight. Other research has also discovered that intermittent fasting can decrease certain indicators of inflammation.

Different studies on different kinds of fasting (some of them were not large; one study was a study of a particular population and may not apply to everyone, while another was a study of obese individuals) revealed improvement in the risk of heart disease and weight loss. These included higher cholesterol levels and a smaller waist.

Side Effects of ProLon Diet

When you are taking ProLon, it is possible to be afflicted with some adverse effects, such as headaches, fatigue, and difficulty in being able to concentrate. In addition, unlike other diets, which tend to be more about lifestyle modifications, ProLon is only meant to be used for a limited duration. If you're seeking something that you can sustain for a long time, ProLon probably isn't your diet.


The ProLon diet and other fasting methods can provide certain health benefits when executed safely and properly. However, it is risky to fast, particularly in the case of medical issues or are nursing or pregnant. Speak to your doctor before fasting or adhering to any particular diet.